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    pinjaman kakitangan kerajaanPinjaman MBSB dilancarkan khas untuk Kakitangan Kerajaan Malaysia dan badan berkanun seluruh kawasan Malaysia.
  • Kadar faedah terendah
    kadar pinjaman mbsbKadar feadah pinjaman MBSB - 3.5% - 5.1% adalah terendah di pasaran jika dibandingkan dengan pakej pinjaman peribadi yang ditawarkan oleh koperasi dan bank.
  • Pakej pembiayaan terbaik di pasaran
    pinjaman ccrisMBSB menawarkan pelbagai pakej-pakej pembiayaan yang relevan di pasaran. Sila hubungi kami untuk mengenali pakej-pakej yang paling sesuai untuk anda.
  • Tanpa yuran koperasi dan caj
    pinjaman mbsb tanpa yuranPinjaman MBSB bukan koperasi olehitu tiada yuran koperasi. Jumlah potongan juga lebih rendah - dapat lebih wang dari pinjaman mbsb.
Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang pakej pakej pinjaman mbsb yang ditawarkan sila tekan sini - Pakej Pinjaman MBSB 2013

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FAQ / Disclaimer

Who are we?
We are an authorised marketing agency for the product that the principal carries, herein the principal is being refered to MBSB, herein the authorised marketing agency being refered to PinjamanMBSB

What are the implications of late payment?
As the said role of an authorised marketing agency for the principal, we have no authority to impose any penalties or punitive measures against any late payment. It would be our best interest that the borrower to refer the principal's term and conditions for the "Repayment / Pembayaran Ansuran" clause

What are the implications of non-payment?
As the said role of an authorised marketing agency for the principal, we have no authority to impose any penalties or punitive measures against any non-payment. It would be our best interest that the borrower to refer the principal's term and conditions for the "Repayment / Pembayaran Ansuran" clause

Code of Practice/Policy on responsible lending
PinjamanMBSB is an authorised marketing agency for the product that the said principal carries, herein the principal being refered to MBSB. To educate our borrower we would advise the borrower to read through our principle's lending policies for an informed decision

Disclosure of fees including the APR (annual percentage rate).
We are not authorised to charge any APR, however you may check the details of the products offered by the principal

Renewal policy.
We would advise the borrower to refere to the principal's renewal policy

Compliance with other state or local regulations related to short-term loans.
As we play the role of an authorised marketing agency for the prinicipal, we strictly adheres to the prinicpal rules and regulations which are compliance to the local regulations.Herein the principal is being refered to MBSB. MBSB is defined as a Scheduled Institution under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989 (BAFIA)

Below is the Terms and Conditions provided in courtesy by MBSB. For the original softcopy please click here

1. DEFINITIONS "Instalment" means an installment payable by. Applicant to MBSB either before or after the rebate ("rebates") granted by the Company for the payment of the Sale Price MBSB deferred basis. "MBSB Purchase Price" means the purchase price of the assets acquired by the subsidiary company of the Applicant at the purchase price specified in the Asset Purchase Agreement. "MBSB Sale Price" means the sale price of the assets sold by the subsidiary company to the Applicant at the selling price based on profit rate of _% per annum payable by the Applicant as detailed in the agreement Asset Sale dr. "Full Withdrawal Notice" means a written notice issued by MBSB to the Applicant after the Facility amount is paid in full to the Applicant and to disclose details of Installment Sales Price MBSB or any written notice issued by the subsidiary company from time to time thereafter, including any corrective pindaanatau notice. "Assets" means the Certificate of RM as part from General Investment Certificates (GLA) under the account number 305020022035 and to be used by the applicant to the transaction MBSB and here and accepted by the Shariah. "Security" means any security arrangements required by MBSB from time to time to be prepared by the Applicant or any other party to provide security for all amounts due under the Facility, including any security deposits.

2. Amount to be paid Stamp duty payable on security documents, including the form, GIRO fees and Takaful contributions are paid by the applicant and will be deducted from the amount of the Facility is approved by the Company for use of the applicant.

3. Transaction Facility Applicant agrees that in order to perform basic transactions under the facility, the application is subject to acceptance by the MBSB and the applicant execute, deliver and perform the following covenants: -
(a) the asset sale agreement where MBSB will sell to the Applicant and the Applicant will purchase the assets of MBSB MBSB at the Sale Price on the basis of deferred payment based on these terms and conditions contained in the asset sale agreement (the "Agreement Asset Sale ").
(b) where the applicant is an asset purchase agreement to sell to MBSB and MBSB will buy the assets of the applicants on MBSB Purchase Price paid in cash based on Termalerma and conditions contained in the asset purchase agreement (the "Asset Purchase Agreement").
(c) securities documents and other documents required by the subsidiary company from time to time in the circumstances and substance satisfactory to the MBSB.
MBSB does not require applicants to use the facilities for a particular purpose. However, the Applicant agrees and undertakes that the applicant will not use the facilities for purposes contrary to the principles of the Shariah. MBSB has the final right to refuse applicants for facilities without having to state any reasons.

4. Conditions Precedent for use of facilities Before MBSB make full production facilities amount to the applicant and before the applicant may use the facilities. the following conditions must be fulfilled first by all parties involved: -
(a) All security documents, supporting documents and the required facilities by MBSB has been submitted. diteftma and executed,
(b) The applicant has complied with all the terms and conditions stipulated by MBSB as stated in the terms here;
(c) (Events of Default) as described in paragraph (10);
(d) Any of the conditions precedent to be followed by MBSB consider applicants from time to time.

5. Representations & Warranty MBSB applicant assures that the Applicant named in the Wholesale is not an undischarged bankrupt who. and the absence of any bankruptcy proceedings, legal action or any other action that has not been decided whether the current or against it will affect the applicant's ability to meet its obligations under these Terms. The applicant also assures that no lngkar Genesis (Events of Default) as described in paragraph (10) below have occurred or are occurring as well as covenants that MBSB shall notify the applicant in writing that the applicant is no longer a staff bothfederal or any government agency at least one (1) month after the applicant ceases service. Guarantees given here will continue as long as the sales price or tangunggan MBSB under the Facility are due and payable by Applicant. Truth and accuracy of the representations and guarantees here are the basis for MBSB commitment to provide the facilities to the Applicant. If any representas representation and / or warranty of the guarantee is made after this and at any time found to be false in any aspect of the metarial, in the circumstances, and without regard to any such to the contrary herein, MBSB will have the absolute right to review. suspend, or revoke reclaim the Facility or any part thereof. Where appropriate and when required by the subsidiary company, the Applicant shall implement or cause other security implementation or further needed by MBSB.

6. Disbursement
When approved facilities. it will be credited to the account of the Applicant with MBSB or by any other appropriate means dranggap MBSB or discretion. The applicant confirmed that the acceptance by MBSB Application is considered complete once the agreements described in (3) above have been implemented. submitted and executed or facilities approved by MBSB has been credited to the account of the applicant although facilities are not used adopted in the account of the Customer or the amount of debt bondage if applicable) has been paid to any third party by the Company for the applicant (where the Applicant agrees and undertakes to pay the whole amount of the debt bondage to MBSB if the facility is canceled by the Applicant). Any difference in either in the amount of facilities requested, and upon approval will not affect the legal description of these Terms and the Customer will agree to get facilities in the amount approved by MBSB. Production Sales Price MBSB to be made by the Applicant in the amount and number of installments mengikul as stated in the Asset Sale agreement and / or as contained in the Notice of Full Production released by MBSB.

7. Repayment/Installment
Method, the date of payment of the first installment and the subsequent installments to be paid by the Applicant are as specified in the Notice of Full Production and / or in the Asset Sale Agreement. However, the installment payment by the applicant will only be considered to be paid by the Applicant when MBSB accept instead current payroll deductions made by the ANGKASA Bureau ("ANGKASA"). Parties MBSB right to charge the rate of profit for the period from the date of full production done first installment date. Installment payments must be made through payroll deduction at ANGKASA Services Bureau ("ANGKASA"). Without prejudice to the above, the applicant must make installment payments directly to MBSB: - (A) to pay cuts by ANGKASA enforce and / or (B) if the deductions are not received by MBSB for any reason whatsoever. Applicant hereby authorize the MBSB to debit any deposit account applicant for monthly installments on or before the date of the monthly installments to be paid and any other charges related to the Facility. For debit purposes stated herein: - (i) The applicant undertakes to ensure that adequate reserves stored in the account to meet the installments. MBSB may charge a levy on all fixed direction (standing Instructions) on the maturity date, which is not refundable even if the instructions do not apply because of lack of funds. (ii) Although MBSB will endeavor to give effect (to effect) on the monthly payment, MBSB shall not be liable to impact on monthly payments and therefore, MBSB will not incur any liability for any errors, refusal or neglect to brag all or any payment or late payment on the grounds or neglect to comply with the directive. (iii) This order is subject to the current arrangement or acquired hereafter between the Applicant and the Applicant MBSB or any banking facilities granted to the applicant (iv) MBSB may, in its sole discretion, conclusively determine the order of priority for payment of money based on these instructions or any order or checks belonging to the Applicant or hereafter granted to MBSB or issued to (drawn to) account applicant (v) If the payment can not be made because of lack of funds in the account. MBSB will not affect the payment to the date of payment. Further payments will only be made on the next payment date. Applicants are required to make alternative arrangements to give effect to the relevant fee (vi) In response to this directive arrange MBSB, MBSB applicant to undertake to indemnify all or any claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and / or expense of the MBSB will suffer or incur.

8. TA'WIDH (Compensation)
Regardless of anything contained herein. Applicant agrees, covenants and undertakes to pay to MBSB Ta'widh (compensation) on the outstanding installments and payment for indebtedness (lndebtedness) or Sale Price MBSB, as appropriate, in the following: - (a) For the delay or failure to pay any installment payments for Sale Price MBSB from the date of first production (first disbursement) until the maturity date of the Facility, Ta'widh rate (compensation) to be charged is 1% per year: (b) For the delay or failure to pay any installment of the failure of which extends beyond the maturity of the Facility, Ta'widh rate (compensation) to be charged is based on current rates equivalent MBSB "MBSB's Effective Cost of Fund" on the balance of price MBSB sale or any other manner approved by BNM: and (c) The sum of Tawidh (compensation) on indebtedness, including Sale Price MBSB, as appropriate shall be compounded (compounded).

9. Early Settlements
Early settlements for the whole or part of the sales price of MBSB (except claimed by or allowed by MBSB at its discretion) before the expiration of 3 months from the date the facility is fully released (fully disbursed). Applicants can make early repayment of entire MBSB Sales Price or part thereof after the expiration of 3 months. Any notice of early repayment, once given, can not be withdrawn. For early repayment of part of the sales price of MBSB, the amount refunded: - (i) must be in multiples of not less than six (6) times the total count Installment: (ii) will be adopted inverse order maturity (inverse order maturity) and (iii) shall not affect the responsibility of the Applicant to pay without delay Installment The subsequent and without prejudice to the responsibility of the Applicant to repay amounts outstanding under the Facility on MBSB For initial claims in full and where the initial solution is made in the first year of production (disbursement) Facilities ("lock-in period "), MBSB will factoring 2% on the full amount of the settlement early in the calculation of any rebate (rebate) of may be given by the Company for the full initial settlement Any amount paid can not be further used Putty. Applicant understands that early repayments Sale Price MBSB will not automatically reduce the amount to be paid by the Applicant. but MBSB may in its discretion and on terms to be determined by MBSB, give the applicant a rebate (rebate) on the Sale Price MBSB for any early repayment in full. Applicants can considered a breach of payment to be paid if the applicant he then failed to make any payments, and MBSB can use any of its rights contained in these terms accordingly.

10. Default Payment
This facility is subject to the conditions it is not illegal, it is not advisable or not be practical for MBSB to comply with its obligations contained herein or to continue to provide a description of available facilities and amenities are subject to the non-occurrence of any default payment incident as follows : - (a) The applicant fails or defaults in payment of the Sale Price MBSB and any money payable under the provisions of this salient themes or facilities, whether formally demanded or not; (b) The applicant and / or or any of For those who provide securities in default or threaten to disobey or disregard any promises, stipulasi, terms or conditions contained in these Terms, in this form, and / or any of the security documents, (c) any statement or warranty made by the Applicant here proved to be untrue or is one in the representation or warranty is made or treated as if made: (d) The terms of this and / or security documents are not or will not be valid or can not enforced (e) The applicant fails to pay any indebtedness owed to any party (including indebtedness owed to MBSB) or indebtedness (other than indebtedness of Applicant in this form) The applicant or any party providing the Securities MBSB or any bank or other financial institution on account of defaulting by the Applicant or any party providing security to become due or can be declared due before maturity date (f) The applicant or any party providing security has provided false information to the data atat MBSB (g) in the absolute opinion of MBSB, the Applicant's accounts with any bank, are not dealt with satisfactorily; (h) incident or event has occurred or circumstances which have given rise to will or may MBSB in the absolute opinion affect the ability of the Applicant or any party providing Security to perform its obligations in This facility and the Guarantee or any securities: (i) The applicant or any party providing security becomes of unsound mind or deceased: j) a distress or execution (execution) levied or imposed on any properties of Applicant or trustee, or similar official has been appointed to the whole or any part of its assets; (k) where it can be used, Applicant cease or threaten to cease to carry on its business or to transfer or sell or intend to transfer or sell the bulk of its assets: (l) The applicant alleges that the whole or a material part of these terms do not have the power or effect: (m ) any of the Applicant's current account has been closed by the bank any regulatory requirements that reasonable regulations as may from time to time to control the checks bounced (Dishonoured checks) and / or the bank's policies in maintaining the current accounts , regardless of the account (s) current with MBSB, whether owned individually or jointly owned with others, have operated satisfactorily; (n) The applicant is no longer a government employee or any government agencies for any reason whatsoever; (o) receiver or trustee is appointed to take over ownership of the property of the Customer or any execution which will / are being or has been taken against the applicants property, (p) changes in any laws or regulations that cause it to be an offense for MBSB to continue to provide these facilities to the Applicant. If the occurrence of any defaulting incident stated above, the Facility or any part thereof is suspended, revoked or terminated and / or Price MBSB sale and all monies paid to MBSB under the Facility and this form will be payable. Furthermore, MBSB may, at its discretion to enforce any security which has been provided to pay all amounts due and not paid under the Facility.

11. Joint Account
MBSB shall be entitled at any time in its sole discretion and without notice to the applicant or menentumkan incorporate all or any of the Applicant's accounts (of any kind whether subject to notice or not) does not matter where it is in any liability and obligations owed ??or securities of the Applicant to MBSB and use all of them, including any money in savings through payroll deduction MBSB or ANGKASA Bureau to settle any indebtedness and responsibility of the Applicant against the Company.

12. Privacy
Applicant's consent (which consent shall be irrevocable) to the MBSB to submit information related to the applicant (including its accounts for the present and the accounts in the future with MBSB) and facilities and all matters related to: Credit Bureau Central (Central Credit Bureu), Bank Negara Malaysia, the MBSB auditors, legal advisers and other professional advisors, any individual who provides security under the Facility; information Cheque Bureau , companies in MBSB group of companies. accordance with any law, subpoena or legal provisions or in connection with any legal action, suit or proceeding in connection with facilities or securities and / or any other individual, the authorities, credit bureau and / or agencies such as MBSB sees fit. The applicant herein and agree that the authorization under this provision is treated as authorization for the purposes of Section 34 (3) lslamic Banking Act 1983 ("IBA") and no further approvals are required from the applicant for the purpose of Section 34 (3) IBA. The MBSB is hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorized to disclose any information or particulars provided by the Customer to any person within or outside Malaysia and for any The purpose of the MBSB deems fit, proper or necessary at any time.

13. Charges & Fees
All fees and expenses, stamp duty, legal fees (due to a solicitor and client basis) (Solicitor and client basis) and costs incurred or funded by the MBSB concerned or in respect of the provision and preparation of documents for the Facility, the Asset Purchase Agreement, Sales Agreement assets, and / or any of the Securities or the Company for the enforcement of its rights under the Facility, and / or the Securities shall be paid by the applicant, and may be based on consideration of MBSB, be debited to the account specified Applicant or any of Applicant's accounts with MBSB. In addition to the provisions herein, the Applicant agrees to indemnify (indemnify) the MBSB MBSB and put in a position not to the detriment of any payments, losses, costs, charges or expenses. legal or otherwise, that the MBSB may suffer or incur as a result give or extend the facilities of the applicant or applicants as a result of the default. MBSB entitled to charge, and the Applicant undertakes to bear all costs and charges incurred by the subsidiary company in connection with facilities or any securities and redemption for return (redemption statement(s) issued or to be issued.

14. Notices
Any notice or demand shall be in writing and may be sent to MBSB by postal registered post to the registered address of the subsidiary company to date and sent to the applicant by ordinary post to post the Applicant as set out in this form. Submission to any legal process on the applicant may be sent by registered post to the address of the applicant as set out in this form and sending notices, claims and legal proceedings will be considered effective and perfectly delivered once sent two (2) days after the date it is delivered irrespective of the notice or the claims returned by the postal delivery or applicant may meninggat world (unless and until the MBSB receive written notice from the representative of the Applicant in respect of Probate or Letters of Grant Administer the estate of the Applicant, deceased). No change in the address of the Applicant specified in the form is deemed to be effective or binding unless MBSB MBSB receive clear notice of the change of address.

15. Segregation Priority
MBSB entitled to priority of payment versus payment installments other amounts due from any payment received by MBSB. MBSB has the sole discretion to reassess priorities (piority) this as it may deem fit. Where any amount has been received in the form of payment or repossessed through enforcement is less than the amount outstanding; MBSB will use this amount in the rate (proportion) and the order of preference (priority) and as a whole in a manner to be determined by MBSB.

16. Certificates
Any certificates, notice or demand for the MBSB signed by any officer of MBSB or any solicitor or firm of solicitors representing MBSB will be considered as strong evidence against Pamohon on the amount outstanding from the Customer to MBSB and all the matters set out in it for any purpose, including for purposes of legal proceedings and not to be questioned for any reason whatsoever.

17. Assignments
MBSB, but not the applicant, have the right to assign the rights and liabilities under the Facility. Liabilities and obligations under these Terms here, the Asset Purchase Agreement, Asset Sale Agreement or any securities that document shall be valid and binding for all purposes regardless of where the changes through the merger, or any alteration of -whatever that will be made in the constitution MBSB. At any time as stated is the terms here. Period provided by law to reclaim all sums due to MBSB not be taken as a claim against MBSB up writing for payment of the outstanding amount issued to the Applicant.

19. Rebate
As long as the applicant is an employee of the government or any other government agency, MBSB shall be entitled to give rebates on installment Applicant. However, if the applicant is no longer a government employee for any reason whatsoever, MBSB reserves the right to discontinue or continue the rebates on the Installment Applicants MBSB as deem fit and proper.

20. Terms Variation
It is hereby agreed by the parties that notwithstanding anything contrary to the provisions and terms of, any of the provisions and terms may be changed by written notice by MBSB MBSB to the Applicant or by any cans that MBSB deems fit, and any changes in provisions here will be an elective and is part of the salient themes in the implementation.

22. Time
Time when stated is the essence of all transactions of the facility

23. Rejection
All payments made by the applicant is without any rejection, solution or counterclaim.

24. Inheritance
These terms are binding on the Applicant, his heirs. personal representatives and successors (if necessary) and shall be enforceable by and for the benefit of MBSB, heir and successor.

25. Default effects
Without taking into account the terms of this, if there is any default on any account and / or common facilities or any MBSB which in the absolute opinion of the MBSB able to affect the applicant's ability to meet its obligations to the Applicant's facilities as well as the Terms of here, MBSB shall be entitled to demand full payment of any sum payable owed ??by the Applicant to MBSB and / or implement any measures contained herein accordingly

26. Waiver of the conditions precedent
Hereby acknowledged and informed that any conditions precedent in terms of this is purely for the benefit of the applicant set aside either wholly or in part by MBSB at its absolute discretion without prejudice to his rights and the waiver does not affect the MBSB to ensure that the applicant complies with any conditions precedent set aside in the future.